Sustainable Design
As both an unabashed lifelong environmentalist and as the Experience Designer for the Ember 3D printer and Autodesk’s Integrated Additive Manufacturing team, I’ve been collaborating with some exceptionally talented people to help discover and develop opportunities to make additive manufacturing more sustainable and friendlier to our biosphere. This involved collaborations with materials scientists on our Ember team, with people on Autodesk’s Sustainability team, with Autodesk's Health & Safety manager, and with scientists on Autodesk's Bio/Nano research team. Fruitful collaborations were then developed with UC Berkeley’s Center for Green Chemistry and The Biomimicry Institute to deeply study and quantify existing photopolymer resins, and to help spread awareness and support innovation related to the development of biofriendly SLA resins for 3D printing. The results of this work are summarized in this article, Towards Sustainable ‘Biofriendly’ Materials for Additive Manufacturing (Part 3 of 3).

If you’d like to read the full series, here are links to Part 1 and Part 2.

In 2015, I won the Autodesk Impact Peer award for the results of my work in collaboration with Autodesk's Sustainable Solutions team. 
Image of electrospun chitosan fiber strand, courtesy of msaustero (CC 2.0)
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