As a Senior UX Designer at Autodesk, I worked on a team of engineers, research scientists, and corporate stakeholders to help guide the design & development of Ember, Autodesk's professional 3D printer.

Our team started with a rough proof-of-concept prototype and developed it into one of the top-rated open source DLP 3D printers on the market. 

UX Design


UI Design


Creative Direction


Prototyping behaviors for the UI panel

Creating Ember's control panel from scratch afforded us tremendous freedom in our design process. I designed the UI panel to include an array of LED's encircling the screen and buttons, so as to be able to communicate essential states of the machine from a distance - e.g., starting up, ready to print, printing percentage complete, error, etc. 

This video shows early versions of different behaviors of the LED array.

Early Prototype

This video shows Ember in its very early stage of development...